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Bases Covered

Broadband Canada

Welcome to Base Technology

Base Technology is an independent telecommunications provider based in BC Canada. We build networks that help our communities grow and prosper.

We deliver fully supported communications infrastructure using the latest developments in wireless technology. These networks provide high speed Internet access, voice, video and support large scale commercial industrial applications.

The networks we build include service for resorts, apartment buildings, hotels and entire communities connected directly to the Internet fibre backbone.

Wireless Network Systems Integration

We provide the connectivity between your critical equipment and the network. Our customers include power stations and remote communities whose power and water supplies are connected to the Internet.

We build networks that help people and grow communities. With over a decade of experience in the Internet industry our specialty is wireless and wired network integration, communications between your business and the Internet of Things.

Wide Area Wireless Networks

The wide area networks operated by Base Technology Ltd in BC Canada provide a reliable alternative for Internet access to the cable and phone networks. These wide area wireless networks are connected directly to the Internet fibre backbone over multiple carriers.

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