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Managed IT Services

Base Technology offers a variety of managed IT services to help your business function safely and efficiently. As the IT partner of choice for First Nations, hospitality groups and construction companies, Base has an understanding of the differing needs facing each industry. We are a team of local professionals with decades of combined IT and network experience ready to provide you with recommendations bespoke to your needs.

  • Managed IT Services offer by Base Technology
  • Remote IT Support
  • IT policy review/development
  • Disaster recovery
  • Threat assessment
  • Server backups
  • Software and hardware procurement, support & installation
  • IT Infrastructure review/recommendations

From day to day inconveniences such as a printer not connecting to large scale projects including email migrations, server backups and managed network services, Base Technology offers fast and secure IT services. Help is available both on the ground and remotely to install, design and resolve your IT requirements. We deliver solutions that keep your business operating, adding value 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are committed to helping our communities grow and prosper.

Contact us for more information and a complimentary IT consultation from Base Technology. Email us or call 604-932-9847.

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