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Wireless Mesh Networking Technology

Base Technology provides a turnkey wireless mesh networking system for commercial applications. We provide both the hardware and a web based application for managing the network and your customers. We deliver high speed wireless networks that provide Internet for a fraction of the cost of the major carriers.

Stonebridge Traffic 800

Our wireless mesh networks provide a cost effective deployment with redundancy, multiple gateways, traffic shaping and great performance. It is important to node that WiFI is limited to line of site and quality of service is affected by concrete.

This system is suitable for remote access and high density residential areas. Each access point serves up to 50 people and is authenticated against a RADIUS server with traffic management and integrated billing.

As the system has grown considerably over the past year, it has been divided into several distinct mesh networks now linked by licensed LTE and wireless backhaul providing the capacity and redundancy to stream live broadcast quality video from any location within the network.

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