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Getting Started

Follow these steps for immediate access to the Internet. For more details see the sections for Apple Support and PC Support

  1. Connect to the basewireless network on your laptop
  2. Open a web browser
  3. Login to the Internet or create a new account

1 - Connect to the basewireless network

The first step is to locate the basewireless network on a WiFi enabled laptop, computer or phone.

  1. Ensure that the wireless adapter is ON
  2. Scan for available wireless networks
  3. Select any basewireless network with the best signal
  4. Click connect

A minimum of 2 bars of signal are necessary for a fast and reliable connection. If you are having trouble getting connected it may be that you are out of range of the network.

2 - Open a web browser

Once you are connected to the basewireless WiFi network open a web browser. You will be redirected to our login page. Enter a valid login and password to get connected to the Internet.

3 - Create a new account

If you you do not have a valid login or if your account has expired you can create a new account or extend it by adding more time. Follow the links to create a new account.

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