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Apple and iPhone WiFi Support

Below are screenshots for the basic steps for connecting to a wireless network and identifying the local computer's Airport ID and IP address. If you are using safari and having trouble logging in we will need to know your airport ID.

This page explains how to:

  1. Turn Airport On and Connect to the network
  2. Locate your Airport ID (MAC address)
  3. Determine your IP Address
  4. Determine signal level and Network (SSID)

1 - Turn Airport On and Connect to the network

Turn the airport on and select a network from the list. This menu appears under the airport icon.

Airport Meny

2 Locate your Airport ID (MAC address)

Your Airport ID is unique to your computer. This information can be found in the Network settings under System Preference.
Go to the apple menu and open system preferences. Select System Prefs

From the system preferences click on the blue network ball as shown above. Select airport and then click configure

Network AppleAirport ID

The airport ID consists of 6 pairs of letters and numbers as shown above.

3 Determine your IP address

From the network settings configuration screen, choose TCP/IP to view your IP address.

IP address

4 Determine signal level and Network (SSID)

Starting from the airport menu in the top left open internet connect.

Internet Connect

This screen contains current information about the status of your network connection including signal strength and network name.

Internet Connect2

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